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“We’re over-prepared for those final two minutes,” O’Rourke said. Hamilton County owns Cinergy Field, and a voter-approved sales tax increase is being used to pay for the Cincinnati Reds’ new $280 million home, which is nearing completion. “A community that generously paid for the construction of that facility should produce the person who will push the button to bring the stadium down,” said County Commissioner Todd Portune. You will find conveyancing solutions at _________ to work with you then you will face no complexities in between the procedure. Commissioners decided on a charitable fund-raiser so they wouldn’t jockey among themselves for the right to press the button. “If you’re like me, you had a secret desire as a kid to blow something up,” said County Commissioner John Dowlin. “Past tense?” Neyer replied. “I’m not sure you ever outgrew that.”

Marilyn Ryle counseled desperate women who called — often in the middle of the night — looking for an alternative to having an abortion. Mrs. Ryle always did what she could to help the women, whether they needed emergency shelter or a trip to a social service agency. “She definitely believed that life is precious and it should be preserved at all costs,” said her daughter Lisa Tewes of Bromley.

“She thought people who believed that needed to do something about it. She believed that women who were pregnant and considering abortions needed to know that there were alternatives. She thought people had to be there to give them a way out.” Mrs. Ryle was there for strangers, but also for family who needed someone to listen. “She was loving and generous and optimistic,” her daughter said. “She was a person who could make you smile and cheer you up and be there when you needed her.”

Mrs. Ryle, 69, of Bromley, died Friday at her home. She was a member of Right to Life and Opportunities for Life, serving as a Kenton County contact when pregnant women called the hotline looking for help. “We had a few at the house for a night or two,” her husband, James Ryle, said. “She would help them anyway she could.” She was a member of Sts. Boniface and James Church in Ludlow, where she served on the parish council, taught religion classes and was a Eucharistic minister.