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During this time, in a deal brokered by Lisney, Capita Business Services has taken four floors in the Metro Building in Belfast’s Donegall Square. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and Ove Arup have also secured a total of 2,323 sq m of space in Belfast. The majority of our clients have been acquiring properties in mainland UK and we currently manage 31 properties in England and Scotland from our Belfast office.

As well as providing routine services to the properties, we aim to maximize the value and potential of every property within our portfolio. Health and safety legislation places an increasing pressure on property owners, particularly with the recent press coverage of cases being taken against landlords. Arguably land values have increased by 100% in the last 12 months in certain areas and in most parts of Northern Ireland increases of this scale would have been experienced over the last 2 years.

 By and large conveyancer or specialist performs the methodology of property conveyancing; and conveyancing includes the exchange of property possession starting with one gathering then onto the next. The shortage of development land is driving house price growth as there is often limited competition on new housing schemes and landowners hold and refinance sites rather than build them out because values are increasing fast.

As values have risen, in order to advise bank clients more comprehensively, valuation reports are placing more reliance on planning consultants’ advice. The appetite for land seems insatiable at the moment, with many developers securing plots with or without consent and many even speculating on sites outside the development limits.

These are, of course, more medium to long term holds, but with prices rising consistently to over £2.5 million ( u 3.725 million) per ha for the first time, irrespective of location throughout the province, developers are becoming much more strategic. Also, the acquisition of a prominent 6.48 ha site on the edge of city centre for a price in excess of £40 million ( u 59.6 million) (Carvill Group) demonstrates strength in the market place which has not been seen before. In all probability, this site will end up in a mixed-use scheme with residential, commercial and leisure elements.

With rising land values, landlords are keen to exploit the prevailing conditions that, in our view, will continue for the foreseeable future assuming of course that favourable economics continue. Vacancy rates presently stand at 11.5% overall and are expected to fall further throughout the year.

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Yields in the UK investment market are at an all time low with prime retail yields down to 4%. Prime Mayfair office yields have fallen to 3.75% and the best industrial investments are achieving 5%. This 1.25% spread between the three main asset classes is the tightest it has ever been.

Similar to the Irish experience, this reflects both the weight of money seeking investment opportunities, and an underlying confidence in the occupier markets. UK Economic growth has rebounded from its low of 1.5% in 2005 and is expected to be at least 2.4% in 2006. This, combined with established rental growth in central London and early signs of rental growth in the regional office markets, has kept a downward pressure on yields overall.

The 25 basis points increase in both Sterling and Euro base rates in early August is putting debt funded buyers under increasing pressure when bidding against institutions. Germany is undoubtedly the current market of choice for most Irish investors looking to Europe. It is the third largest economy in the world, and is starting to awaken from a long period of negative overall returns. Yields are under downward pressure with the weight of international money and a traditionally illiquid market dynamic driving values.

The price of building land has continued to rise dramatically, despite some indications that fewer bidders are coming forward for some of the sites being offered. Ultimately these sharp increases in the price of development land are being driven by trends in the value of end product residential units. Latest figures show that house prices continue to escalate at around 15.4% per annum nationally, and this has underpinned the amount that developers are prepared to pay for residential building land.

These rapid house price increases are being driven by several factors. Conveyancing authorities help you concentrate all these things. There are a couple of firms, which provide for you fabulous organizations in this point of view.

The demand from persons seeking accommodation is growing strongly, with Census figures showing that Ireland’s population has risen by 8.1% over the last four years. This reflects not only organic growth but also strong immigration, with 271,300 non nationals now living in Ireland. In addition, more housing is needed as the population is being distributed among smaller family units.

Continuing employment growth and increased earnings (supported by the new partnership agreement and a second round of public sector benchmarking) have also boosted demand, as has the continuing low interest rate regime.

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Property conveyancing process is tough and special person are there to perform the full process called as the conveyancers. But the point is that the conveyancers should have license and experience to perform the conveyancing process in right ways. Again, other research evidence reveals that planning authorities’ practices are highly variable and in many cases they focus almost exclusively on the establishment costs and short term maintenance costs (i.e. typically for 1 or 2 years).

This, along with the development of Hungary’s economy and tourist industry, should drive up capital values and rents in luxury golf resorts. Lisney is currently offering properties in the five star Zala Springs spa and golf resort in South West Hungary at prices ranging from €1650 – €3500 per sq.m. This represents a discount of nearly 60% on comparable Spanish resorts. Zala Springs is located 15 minutes away from Hungary’s second international airport FlyBalaton, and offers 5% guaranteed rental yield for three years in the clubhouse and spa apartments.

The Bill aims to fast track the delivery of critical projects by allowing planning applications to be lodged directly with An Bord Pleanála. This would by-pass the first stage of the existing process which currently requires the agencies promoting large scale projects to lodge a planning application with the local authority in the first instance.

Because of the specialist knowledge required to appraise major infrastructure schemes, a dedicated division is to be set up within An Bord Pleanála to assess these applications. The Bord will seek observations from interested bodies such as local authorities and, where the project crosses a national border, the relevant bodies in that country will also be consulted.

In the past he has played a significant role in the rejuvenation of Dublin city centre and the development of Tallaght town centre, and was responsible for the acquisition of all the lands for Dublin’s motorway ring. Alan’s experience and knowledge will lend a unique force to Lisney’s already strong, multi-disciplined development team, and it underpins our confidence in the future of the development market.

On the market for the first time in 75 years, Cooke’s House in West Burton, West Sussex was sold in the early summer by FPDSavills. Probably the most successful sale of the Spring with the property achieving well over the guide of £3 million due to exceptional interest and competition.

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We expect that an additional 1.8 million sq ft will be completed this year.  Completions are falling but there are substantial schemes with planning consent awaiting pre-lets and/or an improved occupier market, to trigger more speculative schemes. The current availability ratio for the whole market area is 13.5%, compared to 12.8% at the end of 2002.

The two sites will be rebuilt into a single location, and 20 brokers will be added. The asking rent was $150 per square foot.  Conveyancing specialists doing property inspection for property investors and prepare perfect property conveyancing report. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) have honoured Max Oliver this month with a life membership in the profession that he has dedicated the past forty years to – real estate.

Mr. Oliver’s dedication culminated in his two-year role as National President of the Institute between 1998-2000. His commitment to the Institute did not end there; since then he has stood in at short notice as the Chief Executive Officer at Realenz and assisted in the smooth completion of a merger between REINZ and Property Page members. Mr. Oliver started in real estate in 1963 working for Barfoot and Thompson in Queen St; in 1965 he moved to the Mt Roskill branch and then joined the Pakuranga Barfoot and Thompson in 1967. From 1970 to 1987 Oliver worked at Belton’s Real Estate and in 1987 changed ship to United Realty.

Auckland’s median price, of $319,000, during the month-long period demonstrated a marked improvement on both August’s $315,000 median and the median price of $273,000 recorded in September 2002. With 3,553 sales, the number of houses sold during the month eased in relation to the 3,642 sales in August, yet firmed in comparison to the prior September’s 2,799 sales.

The median price for the North Shore climbed to $380,000, a significant increase on the $357,500 median achieved in August and the $300,000 median price exhibited last year. However sales declined to 588, down from the previous month’s 721, but this represented positive growth when compared to the prior year’s 526 sales.

Waitakere recorded 503 sales during September, a decrease of seven on August’s 510, however this was a significant increase when compared to the 308 sales recorded during the same period last year. The median price, at $255,000, demonstrated strong upward growth on both last year’s $220,000 median and last month’s $244,750 median.

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At $405,000, the median price for Auckland City peaked against the previous month’s $380,000 median and September 2002’s $305,500 median. Sales dropped to 1,054 for the month, down on the 1,178 sales achieved last month, while gaining against the prior year’s 1,035 sales. Manukau’s sales during September increased to 837, well ahead of the prior month’s 639 result and the 522 sales achieved the previous year. The median price for the area rose to $313,000, an advance on August’s $311,500 median and the $284,400 median recorded in September of last year.

The median price for Papakura strengthened on both a monthly and yearly basis to reach $214,000, in contrast to the prior month’s $195,000 median and the $196,250 median achieved the prior year. Sales fell considerably to 101 for September, down from the 120 sales recorded in August, while remaining well ahead of last year’s 60 sales. Hire conversant real estate conveyancers before buying or selling or transferring title of your property.

Metropolitan Auckland achieved 3,083 sales for September, in contrast to the 2,451 sales recorded last September and the 3,168 sales achieved the previous month. The median price, of $330,000, firmed in comparison to September 2002’s $280,000 median and the $325,000 median recorded last month.

The volume of sales in the Hawkes Bay rose to 411 during the September period, a significant increase when compared to both last month’s 319 sales and last year’s 282 sales. In contrast, the median price dipped to $163,700 for the month, easing from the $167,000 reached in August, while demonstrating a positive outcome when compared to the prior year’s $135,500 median.

Sixteen sections were sold in September at a median price of $59,250, a noticeable decline on the 28 sections that changed hands in August at a median $75,500. Manawatu / Wanganui’s median price for the month of September showed renewed growth to reach $112,000, well up on of August’s $109,000 median and the $106,500 median achieved the prior year. Sales also kept pace on both a monthly and yearly basis with 639 properties changing hands during September, an advance on both last September’s 338 sales and the 540 sales recorded the prior month.

The number of houses sold in Taranaki increased to 260, a significant gain when compared to the 204 sales achieved in August and the 201 sales reached last September. In contrast, the median price for the area dipped to $118,000 for the month, down on the $123,000 median reached last month, but stood firm against the $106,000 median recorded in September of last year. Twenty sections sold in Taranaki in September, equal with August’s 20 sales. However September’s median price at $58,250 surpassed August’s $43,000 median.